Basic Disc Golf Throws: Hyzer vs Anhyzer

hyzer vs anhyzer

When you start playing disc golf, you realize that there are several different components and aspects to the game. Understanding the different types of throws is one of them. In disc golf, hyzer and anhyzer throws are very confusing terms, especially to beginner disc golfers. Hyzer and anhyzer throws are referring to the angle of … Read more

How to Putt Disc Golf – 4 Types of Putting

practise putting disc golf

As the game of disc golf continues to grow and develop, people are looking for ways to get an edge in the sport. There is no better way to trim your score down than putting better. You have heard the phrase before: “Drive for show, putt for dough.” Now, you may not be making millions … Read more

How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight

how to throw disc golf driver straight

When it comes to disc golf, we all want to drive further and straighter, right? There is nothing worse than getting out drove by a buddy, or whiffing a drive when you needed some distance on a straight line. That is why it is important to not only understand the equipment you are using, but … Read more

The Specifics of a Disc Golf Basket

baby dog and disc golf basket

The idea of disc golf all began in 1975, when the Disc Golf Association (DGA) shared its product with Frisbee owners. Started by Ed Headrick and his son, Ken, the two started by throwing a Frisbee at objects like signs, trees, and trash cans. Then, they developed the first Disc Pole Hole that had 10 … Read more