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How Much Do Pro Disc Golfers Make?

As you continue to pay more attention to disc golf, you may start to notice some of the professionals who play for the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Furthermore, you may even pose the question: How much do pro disc golfers make? It is actually more profitable of a sport than you might think.

The Pay Scale

According to Paysa, a career advisor that helps people find work, professional disc golf players made an average salary of $116,037 a year in 2018. The top earners, which were the top 10%, made $212,198, while the bottom 25% made $62,870 in the same year as well.

These earnings come from a variety of tournament payouts and business deals.

Top Earners

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Paul McBeth

As the 2008 PDGA Male Rookie of the Year, Paul McBeth is the real deal, even a decade late. Paul McBeth is one of the most well-know professional disc golfers around. Still under the age of 30, McBeth rules the sport.

During his career, McBeth has won 4 PDGA World Championships, 2 United States Disc Golf Championships (USDGC), 1 Aussie Open, 1 European Masters, 4 European Opens, and has a 3rd place finish in 2014 at the Japan Open.

McBeth’s career tournament earnings total $293,386.59, as of 2017.

But, in 2018, McBeth hit the jackpot. He signed a lucrative 4-year, $1 million dollar contract to be the spokesman of Discraft. To date, this is the biggest deal in disc golf history.

With Discraft’s 40-year anniversary in 2019, there hope is to make a big move into the disc golfing world with a big name like McBeth backing them. It will be interesting to see how the Paul McBeth / Discraft partnership will hold up, but you can expect McBeth to make 7 figures a year for the next decade by only playing disc golf.

Discraft is not the only brand backing McBeth. Adidas is also marketing disc golf using McBeth’s services. Time will only tell, as to what other companies may hop on board the McBeth train.

Hannah McBeth

Married to Paul McBeth is Hannah McBeth (Croke). In 2018, they tied the knot, making them a professional disc golf power couple. Though her success is much more limited than Paul, she is climbing up the disc golf rankings.

Currently ranked at #908, her career earnings are $1,797.00, but you can expect Paul to share some of his earnings with her as well. She has competed in 27 events and has won 3 of them.

Other Professional Disc Golfers

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Paige Pierce

Besides the McBeth’s, there are a lot of other great professional disc golfers, like Paige Pierce.

In 2019 alone, she has totaled almost $2,000 of prize money, and has career earnings of $184,559.64. She has over 100 career wins, while being a professional since 2006.

Her most recent tournament victory came at the Frost Hills Series in January 2019.

Currently, she is the #1 ranked female in all of professional disc golf.

Richard Wysocki

Right after Paul McBeth, in the male rankings, is Richard Wysocki. As the greatest nemesis to Mr. McBeth, Wysocki has had a storied career himself.

A pro since 2009, Wysocki has career earnings of $357,204.76. With 105 career wins, Wysocki really knows how to rack in the money.

In 2019, Wysocki has two top-10 finishes, in both the Las Vegas Challenge and the DGPT Memorial Championship, where he has accrued almost $2,500.

With 14 events still waiting to be played this calendar year by Wysocki, you can expect him to bring in a lot more money to his cause.

Sarah Hokom

Currently, Sarah Hokom is the #2 ranked female disc golfer in the world.

Sarah has career earnings of $116,255.25, and she really knows how to compete for the big bucks. With two top-7 finishes in 2019, she has made almost $1,000 this year alone.

A professional since 2008, Hokom got her start in Caldwell, Idaho, where she dominated the state’s disc courses.

With 80 career wins, you can expect Hokom to continue to control the sport year after year.

Matthew Orum

The last professional disc golfer on our list is Matthew Orum.

Since 2001, Orum has been a mainstay on the circuit. With career earnings of $153,371.07, he has done well for himself.

He has had a resurrect year in 2019, winning 2 tournaments, and taking 2nd in another, totally almost $1,300 in prize money.

The future looks bright for Orum in 2019 moving forward.

Finishing Strong

There is actually more money to be won in professional disc golf than some might expect. Of course, not everyone is going to be signed to lucrative business contracts like Paul McBeth, but if you can compete at a high level, the money will start to flow in like never before.

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