Best Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

Wrapped disc golf discs and basket

Preparing gifts for loved ones has been a tradition in every event or gathering. It is very ideal to bring a gift that best reflects their personality and their preferences. So, you have a loved one who loves disc golf. What might be an excellent gift for them? In this guide, we will discuss some … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Bags for 2022

best disc golf bags

Now is the time which is considered as the disc golf season! Perhaps you just started playing disc golf or received a stimulus check and are ready to make an investment in a new, bigger, or better disc golf bag. Nearly everyone who plays disc golf experiences the fun and thrill of the game. Once … Read more

Best Disc Retrievers

Disc Golf Retrievers Hanging on Slat Wall

Challenging disc golf courses are sometimes preferred by adventurous disc golf players. Near mountains or hills, rocky surfaces, forest-like or watery areas are some of the challenging places where they can play the sport. If you are regularly playing in these kinds of courses, investing in a disc retriever might be helpful on your part. … Read more

Best Disc Golf Rangefinders

Disc Golf Rangefinder measureing distance to the hole

Knowing exactly how far the basket is for each throw is a simple way to save strokes off of each disc golf round. If you know how far your throw needs to be, you can determine which disc you should use for an appropriate shot. It also helps you to know how much effort you … Read more

What is a Disc Golf Course?

man learn throw disc golf

A golf course is basically known by most people but some confuse it with a disc golf course. Some may think that it is actually the same but there are varying features that make both courses unique from one another. In this article, you will be able to discover more about a disc golf course. … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Shoes for 2022

best disc golf shoes

Hitting the disc golf course while running with your regular shoes can be very uncomfortable. This is because some shoes may not be suitable when playing disc golf. Players might be playing the sport in more uneven and rugged terrain. Going from one place to another. Hitting the goals continuously. These are just some of … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Baskets for 2021

best disc golf basket

As the saying goes, “drive for show, putt for dough.” The best way to shave strokes off of your disc golf game is by improving your putting. The best way to improve putting is by routine practice putting with your own personal disc golf practice basket. These days there are lots of different disc golf … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Cart for 2021

Rovic Disc Golf Cart

Disc golf absolutely exploded during 2020. The Covid19 pandemic created the perfect storm for the growth of this inexpensive outdoor sport where social distancing is natural. As more and more disc golfers grow from the recreational players to hard core disc golfers so does the need to upgrade your equipment. There are a lot of … Read more

Best Disc Golf Brands of 2020

Top Disc Golf Brands

While disc golf is a relatively small sport it is rapidly growing. There are more than forty active disc golf brands, and that only includes the brands for which discs are produced. In this article we are not even going to discuss brands for bags, carts or other accessories. You may ask, which disc golf … Read more

The Specifics of a Disc Golf Basket

baby dog and disc golf basket

The idea of disc golf all began in 1975, when the Disc Golf Association (DGA) shared its product with Frisbee owners. Started by Ed Headrick and his son, Ken, the two started by throwing a Frisbee at objects like signs, trees, and trash cans. Then, they developed the first Disc Pole Hole that had 10 … Read more