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The Best Tomahawk Disc for 2020

You aimed for a certain distance and tried to get over the obstacles throughout the course using an overhand or a tomahawk throw. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. What could’ve gone wrong?

There are two possible reasons: it could be the way you throw the disc or perhaps, the golf disc itself. Many players think that the latter is a common issue. But whether you’re an experienced player or just a beginner, getting your hands on the best tomahawk disc can be a real game-changer.

Still can’t decide which disc to use in your next tournament?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the discs for a tomahawk throw including an in-depth roundup, reviews, and buying guide.

Products Comparison Table

Latitude 64 Gold Burst XXX Fairway Driver Golf Disc SPEED: 7
Medium to long range drives Intermediate and Advanced
DGA Hellfire Fairway Overstable Distance Driver SPEED: 10
Getting out of trouble and skip shots Advanced
Discraft Flick Elite Z Golf SPEED: 12
Maximum distance and powerful throws Intermediate and Advanced
DiscDiscraft Z FLX Line Nuke OS Golf Disc SPEED: 13
Steady flight during windy conditions and acquiring maximum distance Advanced
Dynamic Discs Lucid Enforcer Distance Driver Golf Disc SPEED: 12
TURN: 0.5
Steady flight during windy conditions and targeting maximum distance Advanced
Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Firebird Golf Disc SPEED: 9
Battling heavy headwinds and going over obstacles Intermediate and Advanced
Innova Champion Vulcan SPEED: 13
TURN: -4
Maximum distance and speed in rugged and wooded courses Intermediate and Advanced

Best Tomahawk Disc Reviews

1. Latitude 64 Gold Burst XXX Fairway Driver

Latitude 64 Gold Burst XXX Fairway Driver

If you’re looking for a go-to disc for tomahawk throws, you can take this Latitude 64 Gold Burst XXX out in the field. I’d say it performs like a beast when you aim for farther distances. But before we get into the flight details of this superb golf disc, the disc itself showcases impressive features that make it a reliable overstable fairway driver.

The first thing I noticed about this disc is the rim. It has a wide rim that feels good in the hand and pretty much a significant factor to consider for an overhead throw. It is a beadless golf disc crafted with the brand’s premium blend plastic, Gold Line.

Such a type of plastic lends an exceptional grip without compromising the durability of the disc. This sturdy plastic also highlights its cool “burst” effect to add an artistic touch on the design. Hence, it falls under the Burst variation.

In terms of its performance, this fairway driver is nothing short of remarkable. When I target medium to long distances with my overhead throws, I can get around 30 to 50 feet more compared to the other discs I’ve used so far.

This one’s consistent with its flight and surprisingly, it acquires another foot forward when it skips or hits the ground. I think it’s because of its slimmer rim.

Take note that this is a very overstable disc. Therefore, it fades off to the left but acquires more distance and goes over obstacles once thrown higher for a tomahawk shot. No wonder it’s been considered as the best disc golf for tomahawk throw.

It is also incredibly versatile when it comes to your preferred throws. Not only does it perform with a tomahawk or overhead throws but also with thumber shots, backhand shots, and forehand throws. You may also try it with flex shots.

On the other hand, this demands more power and higher throws. Thus, it is ideal for experienced, professional, and intermediate players. If you’re still practicing your tomahawk throws working on your arm power, you can save this golf disc for later.


  • Ideal for medium to long ranges
  • It is a versatile disc that works on different kinds of throws
  • A very overstable fairway driver
  • It performs with a consistent flight
  • It lends a nice grip and feels when you hold it
  • Made of Gold Line premium plastic
  • Ideal for intermediate and professional golfers
  • PDGA approved


  • Not recommended for beginners

2. DGA Hellfire Fairway Distance Driver

DGA Hellfire Fairway Distance Driver

When escaping trouble and getting over obstacles seem difficult, you can rely on this DGA Hellfire fairway driver to save your game. I’d say it is a killer disc for tomahawk throws, especially if you are finding your way out of the hazards.

It has an unbelievable speed combined with a little glide that you can take advantage of for skip shots and head your way to the basket.
I have always struggled with windy conditions. But even the strongest headwinds won’t stand a chance with this one. This disc definitely lives up to its moniker and drives like hellfire and gets through the wind without a hitch!

It can also remain in the air for a short time and wraps up the flight with a dependable fade. It won’t easily turn over as well.

If you are aiming for some distance, this monster disc does a good job. Although it claims to reach a great distance up to 350 feet, I haven’t gone that far yet but it still achieves a decent distance as a fairway driver would.

Another thing I like about this disc is its versatility. Just like the Latitude 64 Gold Line Burst, it keeps up with different throws and you can give it a go with forehand and backhand shots. Use it with a sidearm or forehand, you can expect precision with your flex shots.

In terms of its design, it maintains a low-profile look with its basic colors and minimal prints. I like how it is crafted with a flat top that renders a comfortable feel as you grip it. The plastic is durable and derived from premium quality material. Moreover, this lends a really nice grip.


  • Great for skip shots and getting out of trouble
  • Ideal for strong wind conditions
  • It is very fast and won’t turn over easily
  • Can reach a decent distance and finish with a dependable fade
  • It is a versatile driver and can be used with different kinds of throws
  • PDGA Approved


  • Typically remains airborne for a short time

3. Discraft Flick Elite Z

Discraft Flick Elite Z

The Discraft Flick stands out with its unique design. It is thin and the top is completely flat. The rim, however, is relatively thicker. These features may be aesthetically pleasing but they can also define how the disc drives in the air.

When it comes to its plastic type, the brand reinforces the quality with their popular and preeminent blend, the Z-Line. Such material lends superior durability that won’t wear out easily over time. Not to mention the translucent plastic in vibrant hues that are truly eye candy!

This outstanding distance driver is all about extreme overstability and high speed. When thrown with overhand shots, the huge fade takes over the flight. I like how it won’t easily turn over and will just fade back toward the end.

When strong winds get in the way, this golf disc also beats the hell out of it and would take smooth long range drives.

It does the magic but it greatly relies on elite arm power. Otherwise, it won’t take its flight path the way it is designed to do. You have to throw it hard, especially when you go for forehand shots or sharp hyzer shots.

With such a requirement, first-time players might find this a tough nut. You may need to practice several times with your throws until you develop your skills and techniques. It is recommended for intermediate and advanced golfers.


  • Offers a maximum distance driver with intense overstability
  • Made from Z-Line plastic blend for superior durability
  • Won’t easily turn over with your powerful throws
  • Highly dependable during windy conditions
  • PDGA Approved


  • It is not a beginner-friendly disc

4. DiscDiscraft Z FLX Line Nuke OS

DiscDiscraft Z FLX Line Nuke OS

Discraft takes its Nuke OS golf disc up a notch with its robust Z FLX plastic blend. It has a thick rim that gives off a comfortable grip as you hold it. But what I really like about this plastic blend is the exceptional durability from the brand’s other popular plastic, Elite-Z.

It has the stiffness that contributes to the disc’s steady flight. It also maintains its condition beyond par with its high resistance to wear. With the disc of such sturdy caliber, you can tell it is more than just the sleek appearance and impressive flight characteristics.

This distance driver does deliver, especially when you’re aiming for maximum distance. If you give it a shot out in the field, you can get somewhere between 400 and 450 feet. I’ve tried it around 300 to 350 feet and it’s just effortless every time.

It resembles one of their flagship distance drivers, which is the Discraft Nuke but with just a little tweak in its stability. It is extremely overstable with a huge fade.

Therefore, it flies fairly straight and obtains great distance before it bears left as it finishes. But take note that this disc is not for the weaker arm.

This driver is super fast and handles high and strong winds with straightforward aptitude. However, it demands full arm power to let it perform according to its intended flight details, making it suitable for advanced and expert golfers.


  • Reliable for remarkable distance potential
  • Made from very sturdy Z FLX plastic blend
  • It can handle strong winds with insane speed
  • Targets professional and advanced golfers
  • Designed with a comfortable and sturdy grip
  • PDGA Approved


  • Won’t fly as intended if you have weak arm power

5. Dynamic Discs Lucid Enforcer Distance Driver

Dynamic Discs Lucid Enforcer Distance Driver

Whenever I catch myself stuck in heavy winds and trying to work my way through it, the Dynamic Discs Enforcer is one of the go-to distance drivers that I depend on. It features a high speed rating that lets the disc fly into the wind with no trouble.

As it is an overstable disc with an immense fade, it starts on a straight flight and shifts into a predictable S-shaped flight. It can also turn over but not too much. But I’m impressed with how it flies high in the wind and wraps up the flight to where it should be.

Probably the major aspect that contributes to its steady flight is the Lucid Air plastic. The manufacturer highlights this type of resilient plastic that protects the disc from any impact. It is crafted with microbubbles that are evenly distributed on top of the disc and right in the middle of the rim.

Such material also makes it exceptionally lightweight. Not to mention the thick rim and plastic quality that feels great in the hand as well.

Apart from its remarkable performance on a windy day, it’s also a reliable driver for skip shots and spike hyzers. And while you can use it for overhead throws, it is versatile and does the trick even when thrown with forehand and backhand.

Besides that, it is amazing to see how it can obtain great distance although it is an overstable disc. But do know that this requires lots of arm power. Otherwise, you might struggle with your throws.


  • It flies high and fights strong headwinds
  • Made of Lucid Air plastic for durability and protection against impact
  • Has lightweight material that offers a comfortable grip
  • Delivers excellent performance for skip shots and spike hyzers
  • Does not turn over too much
  • PDGA Approved


  • Demands a lot of arm power

6. Innova Champion Material Firebird

Innova Champion Material Firebird

The Innova Champion Firebird is the disc I often compare to Latitude 64 Gold Burst. They are both very overstable drivers but Firebird is what I would prefer to use when I need to pick up more distance and get through the course while battling heavy headwinds.

This distance driver boasts its amazing speed that has been reliable in the wind using a tomahawk throw. If you throw it with a forehand or backhand shot, it can also keep up with its flight. I like how you can play with it with multiple throws but still get a reliable fade every time.

As it is made of Champion plastic, it renders an impressive endurance against harsh conditions and can get over different kinds of obstacles like between trees or across fields. That’s why it also performs well for low skip shots, hyzer shots, and flex shots for long ranges.

With its outstanding performance with multiple shots and throws, I consider it an all-around driver that intermediate and advanced players can fall in love with. But if you’re still developing your skills and trying your luck with tomahawk throws, you might have to skip this for now.

It feels very nice in the hand. The rim is narrow compared to Latitude, which lends a nice fit. Besides the durability of this plastic, it feels relatively grippy than other Innova plastics I’ve tried. Overall, it’s an excellent disc to try!


  • Delivers great performance with strong headwinds
  • A very overstable distance driver
  • Great to use when getting through obstacles
  • It is a versatile driver that can be used with different throws
  • Lends a very nice feel in the hand
  • Durable plastic with a grippy feel
  • PDGA Approved


  • It might be difficult to use for tomahawk throws if you’re a beginner

7. Innova Champion Vulcan

Innova Champion Vulcan

The Innova Champion Vulcan is one of my favorite bets for long drives. It has a remarkable speed that picks up wonderful distance while keeping a straight flight.

I’ve tried it on a rugged course with heavy headwinds and this distance driver delivers. It remains in a long, steady flight and can acquire a distance from 400 to 450 feet.

The fast pace is pretty awesome. When I’m in a constant feat with windy situations, I make sure to keep this disc with me at all times. The incredible speed also allows the disc to cut through the air and beat the harsh winds!

But despite its high speed rating, this driver exhibits a huge fade and negative turn rating, making it an understable golf disc. I notice that it curves to the right on its initial flight and bears left as it moves toward the end.

Beginners can give it a shot but the speed can be overwhelming and might end up with a shorter range. That’s why its flight rating is appropriate for intermediate and advanced players.

Sifting through its design, this distance driver is thin and showcases a very thick rim. It is also crafted from the brand’s popular and durable plastic, Champion.

Not only does this premium quality material feature a sleek and clear appearance but it also provides superb performance. And because it lends a firm and resilient quality, it can withstand rugged conditions and heavily wooded courses.


  • Has exceptional speed that can achieve maximum distance
  • Can deliver excellent performance during windy conditions
  • Made of durable Champion plastic
  • Performs well in rugged and wooded courses
  • Recommended for intermediate and advanced golfers
  • PDGA Approved


  • Not recommended for amateur disc golfers

How to Choose the Best Tomahawk Disc

best tomahawk disc golf

Choosing the perfect tomahawk disc is considered to be crucial. You may come across a vast array of popular golf disc brands with different types of plastics and designs. But finding the ultimate pick depends on what you’re planning to do with the tomahawk. It also comes down to several significant factors you should take note of: type of disc, your skills and experience or level, and your preferences.

Determine the Distance and Type of Disc

When looking for the best disc for tomahawk throws, determining the type of disc is imperative. You can choose between understable and overstable golf discs.

To give you a quick overview, understable discs are usually going to corkscrew or move in a spiral motion earlier in flight. Therefore, if you need such a flight pattern, an understable disc starts on an axis and quickly turns to navigate a strange path.

When the TURN rating of a disc is labeled with a negative number (-4 or -5), it becomes understable. This type of disc also tends to turn much faster and drop on your target. This results in much more accurate but less distance.

Overstable discs, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. This type of disc tends to pancake (or finish sliding on its top) and turn much slower after it is released. You can get the most distance while fighting its way out of heavy headwinds.

You just have to remember that overstable discs need to be thrown higher. With such power, they will turn slower and obtain more distance but with less accuracy.

If you’re using a very overstable disc, you’ll have the ability to manipulate the angle of your tomahawk release (straight up vs 45* angle, for example) and expect predictability. This is also the reason why I prefer an overstable disc for tomahawk or overhand shots.

A golf disc indicates this with a TURN rating that has a positive value (1, 0).

Consider Your Skill and Experience

Your skill and experience in disc golf make a huge difference when picking out the best disc for tomahawk throws. However, it can be a bit challenging as I notice that many tomahawk discs are overstable that usually require lots of arm power.

There might also be discs that perform according to their intended flight when thrown with proper technique and required power. That’s why many overstable discs are suitable for intermediate and advanced or professional golfers.

In this case, you may need to hone your skills and techniques to benefit from the flight characteristics of your tomahawk disc. It may take some time and several practice sessions until you get a hang of it. If you are still new to this type of throw or the disc golf itself, you may also consider looking for beginner-friendly discs.

Know Your Preferences

Your personal preferences play a vital role when shopping for discs. Apart from identifying the type of disc and your disc golfing potential and capabilities, you probably have your own checklist for the features you want for a disc.

When I go over a large lineup of discs, I also take note of the plastic blend, rim, weight, width, and some aesthetic features such as colors. Not only can they define the disc’s resilience and quality but also help you evaluate what the flight pattern or performance will be.

Getting through the details and specifications of a disc will give you an idea of which type of throw or grip works best with it. If you’re on a tight budget or trying to figure out the cost, these aspects may also be significant factors that affect the price.

Tomahawk Flight Manipulation

If you’re going for a tomahawk throw, the type of disc and arm slot are significant factors that can manipulate the flight of your disc.
Every time I go out for a tournament, I always bring different types of discs that I can use for different kinds of shots. I don’t stick with overstable discs only. I also bring stable and understandable discs to make sure I get the distance and flight pattern on point.

Arm Slot / Release Angle

If you are going to modify your release angle and adapt to another approach, it is important to determine your preferred flight pattern. Take note that the release angle depends on your intended flight. The closer to vertical the disc is, the longer it will take to turn and pan out.

When a golf disc is very overstable, it usually exhibits a different flight pattern. The disc tends to move more straight and goes in an upward and downward direction as it hits the ground. When a disc is understandable but thrown with the same arm power, it usually flips over and hits the ground flat.

You also have to remember that throwing a tomahawk at different angles of release can have widely varying results depending on other factors like distance and wind. When the winds are strong or you’re aiming for a certain distance, the results may not be the same every time you go for a throw.


Another way to maneuver the flight is how you grip the disc. But do know that different people have different grips. There are players who stick with their preferred grip but some switch between different grips to work on their target and achieve the flight pattern they want.

A usual thumber will often take on a full flight and turn over. It usually moves from left to right. A usual tomahawk, on the other hand, does the opposite and will move from right to left based on the player’s perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

best disc for tomahawk throw

How to Clean and Care for Tomahawk Discs?

Because of the obstacles and different terrains and courses, your disc will probably be covered in dirt and mud every after a tournament. But do know that your discs are harder to throw when they are dirty. Therefore, if you keep them clean at all times, your discs will fly and perform much better.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to remember:

  • Step 1: Use dish soap and warm water to clean your discs. You may use a scrubbing pad or sponge to get rid of the dirt and mud.
  • Step 2: For deep cleaning, you may fill your bucket or sink with warm water and dunk the disc in it. Gently clean the disc with a scrubbing pad or sponge to remove any stubborn dirt and mud.
  • Step 3: Another way is to hose down the disc using a nozzle with a high pressure to get through the tough dirt, mud, and stains. Some do this for quick cleaning. But if you want to keep the disc spic and span, you may scrub off any residues afterward.
  • Step 4: Do not use scalding hot water when cleaning your discs. Doing so may deform or warp your disc.
  • Step 5: Gently wipe your discs with a clean and soft cloth to dry them. Do not put them under direct sunlight after cleaning just to dry them as this can also warp your disc.
  • Step 6: Do not put your discs in a dishwasher. This may seem fast and hassle-free but it is not a safe option. Any dirt or residues from your discs can potentially clog your dishwasher and damage it eventually.
  • Step 7: You should clean your golf discs regularly. I always wipe my golf discs with a clean cloth every after a game to prevent any dirt from piling up. This also preps the disc for the next game.
    But to keep it in its best shape, you should set a time when to conduct deep cleaning. I’d say once a month if you often engage in tournaments or games. If you don’t play too often and only just for fun, every six months will do.
  • Step 8: Store your discs properly. You can use a disc golf cart or a bag to put them away. You’ll also be able to organize your golf discs and protect them from possible damages.

Where to buy These Tomahawk Discs?

You may try visiting any sports stores and outlets in your local neighborhood to check if there are any available golf discs.

If you are looking for the type of disc you can use for overhead or tomahawk throws, these stores provide assistance to help you choose the ideal disc based on your preferences, techniques, and skills.

Many popular brands have also opted for another accessible platform to make disc golf disc shopping more convenient. Through e-commerce websites, you can go through a wide selection of golf discs and make purchases with just one click away.

They also provide detailed guidelines for the flight ratings, grip, stability, plastic grade, and more. You can also compare the discs from one brand to another and determine which design best suits your needs and preferences.

What is the Warranty for These Discs?

Unfortunately, a warranty is not typically available for disc golf discs although this may vary from brand to brand. But a lot of popular and trustworthy brands ensure exceptional durability with their innovative technologies and premium quality materials.

Therefore, it would help a lot to learn more about the specifications of the disc such as the type of plastic, the rim width, weight, and more.

I also appreciate those brands that can accommodate customers with their reliable and fast service. This may be another significant factor to consider as it can make up for the warranty coverage.


To sum it all up, finding the best tomahawk disc may take a few research and comparison of brands and types of discs. As mentioned, golf discs for this kind of throw are typically overstable. But your ultimate disc greatly depends on your skills, techniques, and preferences.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to narrow down your options as long as you consider the important factors mentioned above. And if you’re still having trouble with your options, the in-depth guide and unbiased reviews will walk you through the exceptional tomahawk discs from popular and trustworthy brands.

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  1. I prefer thumbers from the tee when the conditions allow for it. Pretty much any non-wooded hole with an open tee area

    Flick is great for distance. I can get about 325 on a near perfect thumber (about 275 for Tomahawk)

    I use an Innova Beast for an accurate Thumber. Doesnt go as far as the flick but easier to manipulate the line with a release angle – and more consistent accuracy with the Beast. Got 1 of my 2 aces with a thumber on a Beast

    Got a Epic as well.. more for fun or the WIDE open field drives.. goes about 375 on a near perfect thumber but tends to spray


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