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The Best Disc Golf Putters for 2020

Believe it or not, the game of disc golf goes back to as early as the 1900s, and, its popularity has not only managed to sustain it for over a century but also has also ensured its presence in over forty countries around the world. This is one game that you can play both professionally and also for some fun time at the beach with your buddies.

So, what is the first thing that you need to ace it at a game of disc golf?

Yes, you guessed it right it’s a disc golf putter. From determining the flight path, the throwing style, to ensuring your success, finding the best disc golf putter can truly make or break your game.

Best Disc Golf Putter Reviews

Finding a putter is pretty easy; finding the best one, however, needs a bit of search. I hope my list of the best products available in the market, along with a thorough buying guide will help you in narrowing down your search.

Product Comparison Table

Grip Bead Best choice for
Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge 4/5 Has beads Approach
MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion 3/5 Has beads Putter as well as approach
S Super Stupid soft Voodoo 4/5 Has beads Practice
Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter 4.5/5 No bead Putter as well as approach
Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach 4/5 No bead Long and headwind drives
Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4X Signature Disc 4.5/5 No bead Putter as well as approach

1. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge Putter Golf Disc

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge Putter Golf Disc

Have you ever heard of a disc golf putter that has gained instant success after its launch? The Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge Putter Golf Disc gained instant success after its release, and obviously for good reasons.

The putter is made from Prime Burst plastic; it is a special type of plastic that has an amazing feature of spreading the color throughout the disc. This type of plastic is known for their excellent grip and it feels amazing when you hold the putter.

It is quite sturdy and durable so I am sure players will have a great time playing the game. You do not have to worry about the putter getting damaged in the rain since it is weather-resistance. So, no more worrying about the grip of the putter in bad weathers!

Coming to the features of this putter, it is 21.2cm in diameter, rim depth- 1.5cm, rim width- 1.1cm and height- 2cm. The weight is around 173 to 175 g. Seeing the dimensions, grip and durability, one can say that the putter will perform incredibly when approaching long shots. This is the reason why we have listed Dynamics on top of the list.

Let’s talk about the flying rating now, it has a speed of 2, glide-4, turn-0 and fade of 1. This clearly shows that the disc putter has a combination of high speed and zero fading. The disc will fly straight without compromising on the accuracy. This is what I like the most about this disc because it is great at flying and as well as hitting chains.

Bottom line- It is good for all skill level types and comes from a very reputed brand so you can be rest-assured of the quality of the putter.


  • It offers stability
  • It is quite affordable
  • Comes in varying color
  • A perfect disc for both, experts and beginners


  • The burst pattern might not be as pronounced in some of the colors

2. MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter

MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter

If you are a beginner or a seasoned player then MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter will be a great choice. It is a great putter for long-range shots and has a decent glide to it. When it comes to fading, it has a slight fade towards the end of the path. You will get several plastic options under this range and Ion will be present in all of them.

What I like the most about this disc is that the putter will fly straight and maintain its path even when it is windy on the outside.

It is made from a durable plastic called Proton plastic, which is weather resistant. It will offer a reliable and stable float to the disc golfers when they are targeting. Additionally, the putter is designed with extra beads on the rim so that disc golfers can experience straight throws.

If you are an experienced player and you are using this disc, you will be able to add in a little spin or fade to this putter. The main reason why MVP putters are famous is because of their versatility and reliability. It comes in three different color ranges- green, blue and pink.

Talking about its flying rate, it has a flying path of 3, 4, 0, and 1. The weight of the putter might be in the disc golf putter weight range of 150 to 175g. The soft rubber edge provides a tight grip without being too sticky on the hands. The best thing is you can use it both as a putter and an approach disc.


  • It flies straight
  • Weather-resistant and can tolerate strong winds
  • Good for all skill levels


  • It has a slight fade towards the end

3. S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo

S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo

I have heard a lot of people say that Gateway’s S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo is known for its softness. I totally agree to this point. It feels great in the hand and is quite soft, well okay not that soft to use it as a regular Frisbee.

The putter comes in four different range of plastic- soft, super soft, super stupid soft and evolution. This is the reason they lie under the “S” series. The disc is extremely straight and quite stable when you throw the putter. It can feel a little tacky on the hands though.

They are extremely comfortable to hold and offer great accuracy. But, if you are looking for a disc that is big in size, then this is not an ideal one. If you are looking for small discs or putters then S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo will make an ideal option. They have small micro-bead around their rim.

Talking about the flying rate, it has a flying path of 3, 4, 0, and 1. It is very easy to aim these putters as it stays straight for an extended period, long enough to use it as an approach disc.

It can tolerate mild winds but is not an appropriate disc for winds ranging more than 20 mph. The weight of the putter is somewhere around the range of 150 to 176g.

What I like the most about the best approach putter disc golf is that you can buy it according to your own weight preference. It provides good durability along with maintaining flexibility. Many a time people complain about the disc being not as soft as the name suggests, but they come to like the disc eventually.


  • It comes in four different plastic types
  • It is highly accurate
  • The disc size is small compared to other putters


  • It cannot tolerate strong wind gusts

4. Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter

Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter

The new Jawbreaker Banger GT putter by Discraft is a great combination of comfort and softness. It is known for delivering consistency and confidence with every throw. Players will not have to worry about not being able to release the disc.

It is a slightly over stable putt and an approach disc which has a stability rating of 1.0.

The best discraft putter is an amazing disc for forehand and backhand shots. The best part is that it is over stable, which makes the disc tolerant to headwinds. Players who putt on a hyzer usually prefer this putter.

Another thing that I really like about this golf disc is that it will not turn over when you are throwing long approaches. It will not skip on fast greens as well. GT stands for Groove Top and if you tuck your thumb in the putter you will be able to feel the Groove Top. I cannot stress enough on the fact that it delivers consistent releases.

The material of the jawbreaker plastic is durable and super tacky which offers medium stiffness. This makes it great for approach discs and disc golf putters. The plastic is beautiful and has a marble texture to it, and comes in various pastel colors. But, what is more important than the color choices is the feel of the material. It has a superior grip and it offers a touch more glide which is excellent for putting.

Talking about color and weight availability, it might not be available in all colors. Similarly, each weight range might not be available in all colors.


  • It delivers consistent releases
  • It offers perfect stability
  • Comes in varying colors
  • Jawbreaker plastic adds to grip and reliability


  • Weight and color range availability can be a problem

5. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Disc Golf Putter

Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Disc Golf Putter Practice

The plastic used in this putter makes it stand out amidst other putters as it offers high durability and softness. Innova as a brand has worked really hard to be positioned as one of the best brands when it comes to disc golf products.

I would recommend this product only to those who are experienced as the disc can get great distance. The putter is really fast and over stable and that is why experienced players will be able to enjoy the putter at its most. It offers consistency as you release the disc. It flies straight for a good distance and finishes its path with a slight fade.

Talking about the shape of the disc, it features an extraordinary shape that allows the disc to cut through headwinds where other discs would have failed.

The plastic used in it is DX Plastic which is a great choice for durability, toughness and flexibility. Because the rubber used is soft, it is easy to grip and release the disc and the weight ranges somewhere around 130g to 175g.

Let’s talk about the flying rating now, it has a speed of 2.0, glide 3.0, turn 0 and fade of 1.0. As you can see the speed rating, it makes the disc ideal for putter.

I will repeat that it is not the best disc golf putter for beginner, but an excellent choice for experienced players due to its sturdiness, consistency and functionality.


  • It is a professional disc
  • It is made from high-quality plastic
  • It provides high speed
  • Available in different colours


  • Not an ideal choice for beginners
  • Can become less stable over time

6. Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4X Signature Disc

Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4X Signature Disc

This Innova Nova Disc has combined two different types of plastic materials to make this original disc. The rubber on the outside is what sets this putter aside from all other putters.

The technique used in making Innova XT putters is quite advanced and the flight plate is made from a firm XT material. This XT material is fused to a putter plastic rim on the outside to enable smooth grip.

If you ask me the benefit of this soft rim, I would say that it will help in the straight landing of the putter and you can also make powerful throws.

The outer rim is meant to grab the chain. This combination of soft and grippy plastic offers the best of both the worlds- first is offers stability even at high speed and second is minimal fading out at slow speeds.

What else would you want in a disc? Another feature that makes this putter unique is the slits which are positioned alongside the outer rim. Like most other Innova discs, you will find various colors for this one as well. This gives you the chance to select a color of your choice that you would think will be more visible during long approaches.

Who can use this putter? Anyone who is looking for a putter for technical approaches, no skip stops and accurate upshots can get their hands on this golf disc. The weight of the putter is somewhere around 165 to 175g.


  • The disc is made from XT material
  • It grips the basket
  • It offers stability


  • It can get scratched easily

How to Choose The Disc Golf Putter?

With so many disc golf putters available in the market, selecting the right one is bound to feel a bit overwhelming. Having said that factor, it is also true that you will be basically playing at a disadvantage without the right putter with you. Don’t worry as my buying guide will make it a lot easy for you.

Check the weight

Putters vary widely in their weight. There is no such thing as an ideal weight for a putter and it is important for you to consider the wind. You would not want your toss to get ruined by a strong gust of wind. The heavy putters can tolerate breezes without changing their course while light ones are affected by the wind easily. The light ones also curve slightly while the heavy ones stay straight.

The obstacles, the hole, the course, and how you throw dictate whether or not you want the putter to curve. One solution to this would be keeping putters of both heavy and lightweight in your bag. Putters are not too expensive so buying a couple should not be an issue.

Check the type of plastic

The type of plastic used by a company to make the putters affects the weight, the grip, and how well the disc withstands wear and tear. There are three kinds of plastics used to make putters, and, they are as follows:

Basic plastic: Putters made from basic plastic are the cheapest of the lot. These offer a good grip but the performance and grip tends to get easily ruined due to nicks and scratches, for example Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter 173-174 Golf Disc.

Middle grade plastic: Middle grade plastic is not really a common material in use because the quality is almost similar to basic plastic, whereas, the cost is higher than that. These are also vulnerable to nicks and scratches like basic plastic. Though the grip is better than basic plastic, yet it makes no sense to spend more money for just these subtle differences.

Ultra durable plastic: It leads to smooth discs which are quite hard and do not bow down under abuse, for instance the MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter. The grip might not be as good as  basic plastic but if you are playing somewhere with a lot of obstacles that can beat up the putter, then ultra-durable might be a good idea.

Premium Plastic: Putters made from premium plastic are the most expensive but you get everything from performance, control, grip, to durability in it.

Know flight path rating

Innova has devised a system to rate the flight plan of the putters and many other brands follow this system. Keep in mind that these ratings are not a guarantee that the putters will perform exactly as it is supposed to. It tells you what the putters are capable of and the rest depends on your technique and skills. According to the Innova flight plan, flight path has four categories:

Speed: It measures how fast you need to throw the putter for it to perform as intended. Putters usually have a speed rating from one to three.

Glide: It refers to how long a putter can stay in the air and a higher number means that it goes a longer distance. A putter with a three rating for glide is good enough.

Turn: It measures how much the disc curves after leaving your hand. Most putters are available in the range of -3 to 1.

Fade: It refers to how the putter behaves at the end of its flight, when it has the slowest speed. Putters have the fading range from zero to three.

There are basically two main kinds of putters out there and the following is a brief overview about the specifications of choosing from each type.

disc on table

How to choose disc golf putting putter?

Putting putters have the slowest and shortest flight, which makes them ideal for making the shots to the basket and getting the points. These are also useful for controlled and short upshots that are within fifty meters of the target. The disc should get released from your hand easily.

Choosing a putting putter is really personal and you need to hold the putting putter in your hand to understand the shape, the plastic, the size, and the firmness. Take your time in inspecting it because the putting putter is, after all, going to be the most used one in your bag. Get the putter only when you are comfortable with the grip and release. Here is most important thing that you need to consider when choosing putting putter.

Putting styles

There are four basic putting styles and they are Turbo putt, Spin putt, Straddle putt, and Push putt. You can use separate putting putters for mastering each kind of putting styles. However, once you get a putting putter that you are comfortable with, make sure that you stick to it because you can easily use it for all putting styles.

Chain contact

Chain contact refers to the way the putters hit the chain and holds on to it. You would want the putters to make chain contact and stay in the basket. The putters of softer material have the tendency to bounce out on the same kind of chain contact that puts the hard putters in the basket.

Speed and weight

A speed of less than three is standard for putting putters because that is all you need for short distance putting. Choose the weight according to what suits you as a player.

The glide number

Glide is great when you are trying to take a long distance shot, but in case of putters, you might just overshoot the basket. So, in terms of glide ratings, get something in the mid-range to suit you. You would not need disc golf putter with most glide in this case.
The stability

With the throwing distance being just fifty meters from the target, you will not notice much turn or need high stability in the putting putter. Just get something that helps you to cover the short distance.

The construction

The putting putters are on an average 2.11 centimeters in height and .98 centimeters in width.

In case you are unable to buy the putting putters from a physical store, then you will actually not get a chance to touch and feel the putting putters for yourself. Do not worry as you can still get it right when you buy it online. Just read all the specifications closely and go through the reviews as well.

There is another way that I would suggest you to go for, if you really want to feel the putting putters before buying. Try your hand at the putting putters that your friends have to get a fair idea of what to expect.

How to choose disc golf throwing (driving) putter?

Throwing putters go long distance and these are specifically meant for drives and long approaches. These are the kind of putters that you need when you are more of an expert in the game. The maximum distance drivers are able to cut through the air at really high speed. These can cover the distance of nearly 400 feet, when thrown with the right technique and power.

The best driving putters for disc golf usually have speed ratings of nearly ten, along with thick rims. You should check the usual criterions of speed, glide, stability, material, and dimensions in choosing throwing putters as well. Here is most important thing that you need to consider when choosing throwing / driving putter.

Speed and weight

In terms of speed, the best throwing putters can have an Innova rating of six to eight. Both putting putters and throwing putters have their weights around 165-175 grams, according to PGDA approval, so there is not much that you can check about that.

The glide number

Throwing putters with a higher glide number will cover the distance more effectively than those with low numbers. I would suggest you look for a glide of seven for throwing putter in order to maintain the loft for a longer time.

The stability

In terms of stability, you get understable, stable, and overstable throwing putters in the best disc golf putter for wind. Putters that curve to the right are understable, and, those that fly straight with a low fade are stable. Discs that curve to the left are overstable. The stability needed in the throwing putter depends on the player and how hard it throws. It will be wrong for me to specify a particular stability suited to all of you.

The construction

You should only opt for high-grade and premium plastics for throwing putters. Basic plastic putter will give away within a few days of intense disc golfing sessions. As far as dimensions are concerned, the height of 1.65 to 1.77 centimeters and the width of 2.11 to 1.67 centimeters should suffice for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I hope I have solved your doubts and queries regarding choosing the best putters and the best products available in the market, let us move on to the frequently asked questions. These are three most common questions that have been asked to me by my fellow players, friends, and some of you guys. So, keep reading to clarify any last bits of doubts that you guys might have about the putters.

What are Disc golf putters?

Four main kinds of disc golf disc are there, namely, distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, and putters. The slowest and deepest disc golf discs with the thinnest rims are the putters. These are supposed to fly for short distances on a straight line. Being the slowest spinning discs, these do not have the potential to go off the line or beyond the basket. It not just helps a player to score but also develops his short game.

How Many Putters Should I Get?

Any professional disc golfer has a huge collection of putters to fall back on according to the needs of the game. There is no specific limit on the number of putters that you must have but make sure that you have one of each variety to fare well in the game.

Have a good mix of putting putters and throwing putters and you are good to go. I presently have around 15 putters including the names of the products that I have mentioned before, and, out of those there are six that I have used and abused for years on end now.

Do I Need More Than One Putting Putter?

I believe that carry one putting putter in your bag is enough. Yes, you can have as many in your collection as you want, but, on field carrying just one (and one extra, if you want to be extra cautious) is sufficient.

You will need to have and carry a variety of putters and only putting putters will not suffice. It is also important to keep in mind that the putter you use for playing in your backyard might not work well when playing on the beach, given the difference in terrain. So, you will need more than one putting putters for such cases, in order to feel more comfortable and confident while playing.

I carry at least putters with me at all times: 2 putters for approaches and drives, one putting putter, and one extra throwing putter in case one gets damaged. I have never had any troubles with this amount that I carry with me.


Before getting any of the above mentioned putters for yourself, make sure to read the reviews and check the specifications well to ensure that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

In terms of putters, there is no such thing as one product that suits everyone because your level of expertise and your skill and style of throwing makes a huge difference. I think I have covered all the bases as far as the best disc golf putter is concerned.

Do you guys think I missed out any? Or, have any more interesting facts or ideas to share with me? Let me know in the comments section below!

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