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Best Cheap Disc Golf Discs

When you look at online shopping portals like Amazon, eBay and Walmart Marketplace there are a lot of really cheap disc golf discs. But, as is the case with many things, you usually get what you pay for. Inexpensive discs do not usually equal good discs. To help you avoid the pitfall of wasting money by purchasing junk, we have compiled this guide to help you find the best cheap disc golf discs. All of the discs we recommend have been tested, rated and reviewed.

Understanding Disc Golf Plastics

Warped low quality golf discThe first thing to understand when purchasing an inexpensive golf disc is that plastic type matters. Most of the major disc manufacturers produce their popular discs in multiple plastics. While you might think you found a a popular disc mold at a really great price, you’re really just getting the crappy plastic version of the disc.

The least expensive disc plastics look pretty to the wallet, but are not durable and will not last long, especially for disc golf drivers. Discs in low great plastic actually offer far less value as they will ear out after only a few disc golf rounds. Quality plastic discs can last for many years. If you plan to play more than a couple rounds of disc golf ever, do not buy a budget disc in a base plastic. After hitting a few trees, poles, or paved surfaces your new base plastic discs will not fly the same. If the plastic grade is especially low they may even warp, bend, or fold making discs in this plastic completely unusable like in the picture to the right.

While most of the really cheap discs are available in the low grade plastics, there are still quality, durable, discs available in affordable plastics. The nice thing is that for putters and some midrange discs, for frisbees that you are not going to throw with all your power and might, the base plastic versions are very acceptable. These are great discs at a great price.

Top 5 Inexpensive but Quality Discs

Disc Name and Plastic Disc Type Best Choice For Plastic Type
Infinite Discs I-Sphinx Understable Fairway Driver Beginners and Intermediate Players Grippy/Durable
Viking Discs Rune Putt and Approach Short Putts Grippy/Putter
Divergent Discs Kraken Straight Fairway Driver Long Straight Shots Durable
Remix Battleship Overstable Midrange Forehands, Approach Shots Durable
Infinite Discs I-Pharaoh MaxDistance Driver Maximum Distance Grippy/Durable

1. Infinite Discs I-Blend Sphinx

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The I-Blend Sphinx is a phenomenal driver. This disc provides excellent distance for new disc golfers and becomes a trick shot discs for experienced players. It is perfect for long arcing anhyzer throws where you need both distance and a floating right finish. The Sphinx is also fantastic for straight line hyzer flip shots when playing tunnel shots in thickly wooded courses.


  • Excellent Driver for all Skill Levels
  • Great for Distance for Beginners
  • Straight Flyer on Hyzer Flip Shots


  • Currently out of stock on

2. Viking Discs Rune Putter


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This is a fantastic feeling putter. The Rune has a mostly flat top and a nice feeling bead on the bottom rim. The bead helps give the Rune stability for short drives and approach shots, and gives you that solid feel you’re looking for in a putter release. Unlike the other discs on our top list, the Rune we are recommending is in basic plastic, but for putting, a base plastic is preferred. The grip is excellent on the Rune. This plastic releases the hand well and does an excellent job sticking to the chains.


  • Great Feel/Excellent Control
  • Flat Top – Good for short putts and approaches
  • Large Bead


  • Plastic is not the highest quality if using it for driving.

3. Divergent Discs Kraken


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Divergent Discs is a tiny disc golf company I hadn’t heard of until just recently, but they have hit it out of the park with their quality but low cost plastic. The Kraken looks great and is one of the straightest flying drivers I have ever thrown. You won’t find a new disc in this great of a plastic, at this low of a price anywhere on the internet. While these discs are ultra cheap right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices go up as they gain more popularity.


  • Best Price. Under $10
  • Durable Plastic
  • Straight Flight
  • Friendly for all skill levels


  • Plastic is a little slick in the cold and wet.

4. Remix Battleship


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The Battleship is a very overstable midrange disc in a really nice feeling durable plastic. This disc is perfect for approach shots where you want to land consistently under the basket. I really like throwing the Battleship for both backhand and forehand shots. The Battleship has the most consistent strong fading or spiking flight finish.


  • Premium Plastic
  • Consistent overstable finish
  • Good for forehands


  • Not very beginner friendly
  • Does not fly very far

5. Infinite Discs I-Pharaoh


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Do you want more distance? You need to try the Pharaoh. This discs goes soooo far! Not only is the I-Blend Pharaoh a very affordable distance driver, but even with it’s thin aerodynamic rim, this disc is still plenty durable for your max distance shots on those wide open holes.

My favorite plastic for the perfect combination of low price, excellent grip, and adequate durability is Infinite Discs I-Blend plastic. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s a psychological factor that I have a disc I love that I also payed a very low price for, but to me I-Blend plastic seems to fly farther than other plastic types, including discs in the same mold. This I-Blend plastic feels great, is durable, and is priced almost as low as base plastics. Because I like this plastic so much, along with the outstanding molds, I have selected two different Infinite Discs molds in this plastic.


  • Provides Maximum Distance
  • Thick rim
  • Attractive stamp design


  • Too much speed required for beginners.

More Ways to Get Cheap Discs

While the discs I recommended above are excellent cheap discs that you should buy today, there are a number of other ways to get quality frisbee golf discs at a low cost.

Cheap Disc Golf Sets

For new players and first time buyers, the initial disc golf equipment purchase is usually a disc golf set rather than individual discs. Disc golf sets provide economies of scale where you are able to three or four discs packaged together at a cost less expensive than buying each disc separately. If you’re in the market for a cheap disc set, be sure to read our article on the best disc sets here.

Get Cheap Discs by Purchasing Bulk Sets

In addition to purchasing disc golf starter sets, a great way to get disc golf discs at the absolute lowest cost is to purchase Bulk Sets and Mystery boxes. By purchasing package sets, your cost per disc dramatically decreases. Amazon and Infinite Discs have a healthy number of package sets that include a full set variety of discs or putter packs where you can get a stack of putters at a much less expensive cost than if you were to purchase them all individually.

X-Outs and Misprints

Another way to get cheap disc golf discs is by purchasing X-Outs and misprints. X-Out discs are also known as factory seconds. Discs become X-Outs when there is an error in the manufacturing process. Often times these issues are the result of coloring or foreign particles that may enter the plastic while the discs are getting molded. Sometimes a disc will be marked as an X-Out because it has more or less dome than normal. In most instances, factory seconds and X-outs fly just as well as non X-Out discs.

Discs are marked as misprints when a an alignment or foil issue happens during the hot stamping process. Most disc manufacturers use foil hot stamp machines to place the print on disc golf discs. This is actually very old technology and requires some trial and error to get the hot stamp machine stamping different molds properly. Based on the different mold shape and plastic type, the hot stamp machine requires different weight or pressure settings. While hot stamp operators get the machine warmed up, they often go through a number of “mess ups” where the stamp on the disc has drop out, or adds extra foil in places where it is not supposed to be. This is especially common when running tournament or special addition stamps with detailed artwork.

Used Discs

Purchasing discs used is another great way to get discs really cheap. My local pro shop has used discs for as little as $3.99 each. If there is a local disc golf store in your area, check to see if they have a used discs section. If not, you can often find used discs for sale, sometimes in bulk lots, on eBay.


In conclusion, while it is possible to get discs at very low costs, these discs will likely be in low quality plastics. Instead of making your disc golf selection solely on price,  you should choose discs based on value. We have suggested five discs that we think provide the best value in disc golf right now. Fairway and high speed drivers will not last more than a couple of rounds in base plastics. Because you don’t throw mids and putters as hard, inexpensive low grade plastic is usually an acceptable budget friendly choice for these discs. Lastly, purchasing discs in bulk, as x-outs, misprints, or used, is a great way to get cheap disc golf discs.

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