Best Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

Wrapped disc golf discs and basket

Preparing gifts for loved ones has been a tradition in every event or gathering. It is very ideal to bring a gift that best reflects their personality and their preferences. So, you have a loved one who loves disc golf. What might be an excellent gift for them? In this guide, we will discuss some … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Putters of 2022

Discraft Luna Top Rated Putter

Disc golf has been an official sport for nearly half a century, but it has seen more growth in the last year than the first three decades combined.  Disc golf is a game that you can play professionally, or simply play occasional recreational rounds with your buddies. Regardless of how you play it, it is … Read more

Best Straight Flying Disc Golf Discs

Straight Flying Disc Golf Throw Down Tunnel Shot

Transitioning from traditional frisbees to disc golf can be very frustrating for some players. It is because most disc golf discs do not fly straight. While most golf discs fade hard at the end of the flight or turn hard creating an “S” curve flight path, some disc golf discs are straighter than others. In … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Bags for 2022

best disc golf bags

Now is the time which is considered as the disc golf season! Perhaps you just started playing disc golf or received a stimulus check and are ready to make an investment in a new, bigger, or better disc golf bag. Nearly everyone who plays disc golf experiences the fun and thrill of the game. Once … Read more

Disc Golf Terms, Slang, and Definitions

Women discussing Disc Golf Terms

Just like any other sport, disc golf has a vocabulary of its own. There are lots of “words” you’ll hear on the disc golf course that you won’t hear anywhere else. This serves as the language of disc golf that binds every player to one another. To help you understand the disc golf lingo, we … Read more

Best Disc Retrievers

Disc Golf Retrievers Hanging on Slat Wall

Challenging disc golf courses are sometimes preferred by adventurous disc golf players. Near mountains or hills, rocky surfaces, forest-like or watery areas are some of the challenging places where they can play the sport. If you are regularly playing in these kinds of courses, investing in a disc retriever might be helpful on your part. … Read more

Best Disc Golf Rangefinders

Disc Golf Rangefinder measureing distance to the hole

Knowing exactly how far the basket is for each throw is a simple way to save strokes off of each disc golf round. If you know how far your throw needs to be, you can determine which disc you should use for an appropriate shot. It also helps you to know how much effort you … Read more

How Much Do Pro Disc Golfers Make?

pro disc golfers

Over the past two years,  disc golf and professional disc golfers salaries have grown at incredible rates. By metrics such as the number of PDGA members, tournament views, and disc sales, the number of people playing disc golf is more than double of what it was before Covid19. With a bigger fanbase, the top professional … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Drivers for 2022

Stack of Disc Golf Drivers

Hundreds of different molds from different brands are available in the market. It is what makes choosing disc golf drivers an easy task. Some of the drivers are quite similar in design and purpose, while others have the slightest variations, which end up making them feel more unique and give them different flight characteristics that … Read more

What is a Disc Golf Course?

man learn throw disc golf

A golf course is basically known by most people but some confuse it with a disc golf course. Some may think that it is actually the same but there are varying features that make both courses unique from one another. In this article, you will be able to discover more about a disc golf course. … Read more