The Best Disc Golf Baskets for 2021

best disc golf basket

As the saying goes, “drive for show, putt for dough.” The best way to shave strokes off of your disc golf game is by improving your putting. The best way to improve putting is by routine practice putting with your own personal disc golf practice basket. These days there are lots of different disc golf … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Cart for 2021

Rovic Disc Golf Cart

Disc golf absolutely exploded during 2020. The Covid19 pandemic created the perfect storm for the growth of this inexpensive outdoor sport where social distancing is natural. As more and more disc golfers grow from the recreational players to hard core disc golfers so does the need to upgrade your equipment. There are a lot of … Read more

Thanks for a Great 2020 and Happy New Year!

Disc Golf Basket in the Rocks

Wow, what a year 2020 has been for disc golf and Cypress Point! Even though the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) discouraged the play of disc golf for safety reasons, during 2020 we have seen unprecedented growth of the sport.  Which is a good thing because disc golf is one of the safest activities one … Read more

Variations of Disc Golf

Death Putt Disc Golf Basket

Traditional Stroke Format Disc Golf is primarily played in the traditional strokes format. Each throw you make counts as a stroke, and the player with the least amount of strokes thrown wins the round. You can use traditional stroke scoring when playing disc golf by yourself, with a small group of friends, as part of … Read more

Best Straight Flying Disc Golf Discs

Straight Flying Disc Golf Throw Down Tunnel Shot

For those familiar with traditional frisbees, transitioning to disc golf can be very frustrating because most disc golf discs just don’t fly straight. While most golf discs fade hard at the end of the flight or turn hard creating an “S” curve flight path, some disc golf discs are straighter than others. In this article … Read more

Best Disc Retrievers

Disc Golf Retrievers Hanging on Slat Wall

If you regularly play disc golf courses with water hazards, you’re going to want to invest in a disc retriever. A disc retriever is simply a device designed to rescue discs that end up in water hazards. While in many cases disc golf discs can be fished out of the water by using a long … Read more

Disc Golf Terms, Slang, and Definitions

Women discussing Disc Golf Terms

Disc golf has a vocabulary of its own. There are lots of “words” you’ll hear on the disc golf course that you won’t hear anywhere else. This guide is designed to help you understand the different disc golf lingo and help you understand what the avid discers are talking about when you join them for … Read more

The Best Disc Golf Discs for 2020

best disc golf disc

Choosing the best disc golf discs for each individual shot type will elevate your performance, reduce your round scores, and make disc golf even more enjoyable. I have likely tested more disc golf discs than literally anyone, have tried nearly every single disc golf brand, and the list below is my recommendations for each disc … Read more

Best Disc Golf Brands of 2020

Top Disc Golf Brands

While disc golf is a relatively small sport it is rapidly growing. There are more than forty active disc golf brands, and that only includes the brands for which discs are produced. In this article we are not even going to discuss brands for bags, carts or other accessories. You may ask, which disc golf … Read more